The Next Flyers Captain

On Saturday, March 19, 2022 the Flyer traded their 8+ year Captain to the Florida Panthers for Owen Tippett and a first. I learned this news while on my buddy's bachelor party in Iceland. I was at a bar called Lemmy's in Reykjavik, imbibing $11 beers when my Score app went off. The shitty wifi, alcohol load and surprising decent music made it hard to focus on what just happened. . . You probably remember exactly where you were as well.

Months later, the Flyers have not announced the 22-23 Flyers Captain. Truth be told, there are only a few serious possibilities. Coots, Provy, Hayes and just to make you nervous, Risto, who just signed a 5 year extension. So . . . . who is it going to be?

Coots - Philadelphia Flyer since 2011, 2020 Selke winner and generally one of the best Flyers the past 5 seasons or so. He's probably the obvious choice. But is he a leader? He's not the most vocal person. Which is not necessary, just as how Giroux led on the ice by example. There is also the question of whether he returns from back surgery and regains his form.

Provy - Our 1A Dman who is actually a 1B Dman who seems to be in many ppl's doghouse. I particularly like the iron man Provy, but others have their differing opinion. Anyway, our longtime #1 Dman who eats up minutes for us . . . Will he be here after the draft? Style-wise, again, not the most vocal person, nor the most animated.

Hayes - Signed until 2026 at $7M and some change. Hayes did great his first year, then fell into some injury issues. This year, he faced adversity that no one should have to. He returned from an injury and had a decent end of the season. I think if of him as a vocal person and someone who could be a leader. I think he has a decent shot at the C, especially if Coots' injury is more seven than thought.

Risto - Although I don't think there is much of a chance. He was traded for a first and change to be the Flyers prototypical Dman. Even after stinking up the place (while making some great checks), he was signed to a 5 year deal. If Chuck had his say, he'd make Risto the C immediately. However, the players will decide who the C goes to (sorry Chuck).

You are welcome for my in-depth analysis. So, what say you? Thoughts? Did I miss someone?

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