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BSH Radio

Flyperbole: Raffl Party

Have you sorted enough scary numbers to earn a Raffl Party?

BSH Radio #366: Ice Sport Radio returns

In which the gang puts the Flyers aside for a moment to talk about the rest of the Eastern Conference.

Flyperbole: Look at this autograph

Every time I do it makes me laugh.

BSH Radio #365: They’re done, fam

In which the gang settles into the end of the offseason for the Flyers.

Flyperbole: Big Splash Mountain

Chuck will turn this car around if you don’t behave, mister!

BSH Radio #364: The man with the plan

In which the gang talks Chuck’s grand scheme.

Flyperbole: Shut it down!

We got our hopes up for Johnny Hockey and boy, did the Flyers Flyer this up...

BSH Radio #363: What are we doing here? 

In which Bill & Kelly talk through it.

BSH Radio #362: Nothing, nowhere, all at once

In which the gang wonders what we are doing here.

2022 NHL Draft and Tony DeAngelo Reaction Podcasts

A LOT has happened over the past couple of days.

Flyperbole: Brace Yourselves, the 2022 Draft Party is Coming

We will not get our hopes up for Johnny Hockey, we will not get our hopes up for Johnny Hockey...

BSH Radio #360: Step to the plate and swing, Chuck

In which the gang gets deep into their draft previewing.

Flyperbole: Oh god, not the Bees!

If you’re edged ‘cause I’m weazin all your grindage, just chill.

BSH Radio #359: You’re up, Big Hayesy

In which the gang dives deeper into John Tortorella. Figuratively.

BSH Radio #358: It’s Torts time baby! 

In which the gang talks about all there is to talk about.

Flyperbole: Is it Torts time?

Am I the only one who even has a concept of what McHale’s Navy is?

BSH Radio #357: Just play better, bro

In which the gang talks through all the ways this might not work.

Flyperbole: The $50 toilet question

RIPD Wing Bowl

BSH Radio #356: Waiting for the dominoes to fall 

In which the gang talks about prospects and coaches and... dogs.

Wednesday Morning Fly By: When is Tocc’s interview?

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

BSH Radio #355: Back with a vengeance 

In which the gang has had enough of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Flyperbole: Man with a plan

You couldn't pay us enough to take a groin shot from PK Subban.

Flyperbole: Ice skating uphill

You’ve seen Blade, right? With Wesley Snipes? Oh, come on.

Flyperbole: Hello Chuck, Barry Trotz is unemployed

What would you fill the Stanley Cup with if you got a chance to drink from it?

Friday Morning Fly By: Playoffs are fun

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

BSH Radio #354: Break-up day breakdown

In which the gang kicks off the offseason, officially.

Flyperbole: Do you want to build a Frankenteam?

Or would it be Frankenteam’s monster?

Vacation, all we ever wanted

Postgame 4/29

Shutout with me, oh yeah, shutout with me tonight

Postgame 4/27

BSH Radio #353: MVP? Guess what it’s you 

In which the gang goes through the team awards.

And then there were two...

Postgame 4/25

Flyperbole: Trapped in a beard

You’re trapped in a beard of tremendous size, it distorts my vision, it closes my eyes


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