Face the music

The Philadelphia Flyers are a mess. Thanks to the Comcast corporation, and Chuck "lying to himself" Fletcher.

All the hype and competition, only for nothing. Every. Single. Year. And that's how Fletcher and Comcast want it so that Comcast can turn a $100 per month package into $110, and that Fletcher can eat more steak dinners than Harold Ballard. They're in denial. They don't wanna rebuild, they just wanna tell themselves that they're good. Time to face the music, boys.

This team needs to rebuild.

Listen for once, Fletcher. Nobody wants a "retool". Nobody wants to see the Flyers try to play competitive hockey. Accept that this team needs new blood, rebuild, and get better. Hell, you and Comcast may even benefit from this, if you want to talk about selfishness.

Who am I kidding? Nobody in the front office will even try to listen about what the fanbase wants.

Why do I miss Ron Hextall?

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