After today, I think I'm done. Be well all.

After a lot of soul searching over the team tonight, I think I'm least until Fletcher is gone and - hopefully - Comcast sells the team.

Comcast and Fletcher have fucked this up so bad that - frankly - I think we have a right to quit on the club for awhile. Why should we have to suffer each and every year from this sort of incompetence and stupidity? Management and ownership is clueless and ignores the entire fanbase and its wishes, making boneheaded move after boneheaded move.

Overwhelmingly, the fans wanted a complete rebuild, instead we got an "aggressive retool" (LOL! Yeah right - ADA, Deslauriers and Braun are not an "aggressive retool". I am GLAD we didn't add a star free agent - like JG - but adding players of this ilk are NOT an improvement. Plus, we just pushed up to the max in cap space with these signings. The team is NO BETTER today than it was last season. We are treading water at best....and, frankly, might be even worse now than last season. At least we had Giroux for most of last season).

Fans wanted Fletcher fired over a year ago, he's still controlling everything and fucking shit up with no end in sight.

Fans wanted Comcast to sell the team to almost anyone else. They still control it.

We must make them suffer for the suffering they've put us through....and imo that means quitting this dumpster fire of a team for a time.

By jumping off this sinking ship, we are actually doing the team a favor. The more of us that jump off the ship, the more Comcast's profits will suffer with regards to this team, which they clearly view SOLELY as a balance sheet line item for Comcast. They do NOT care about winning a cup or icing a good product, they are just pigs that want more money. If enough season ticket holders cancel and refuse to renew - and the rest of us refuse to attend games or watch the team on TV or buy merchandise - profits and ratings will suffer. Perhaps if they suffer financially enough, Fletcher will finally get shit-canned and the team will get sold to another buyer. I think it's our best bet: collective action en masse by departing the fanbase.

None of us deserve this. Honestly, I think - at this point - ANY Flyers fan could be slotted into Fletcher's job and do a MUCH better job than him. Normally, that would sound arrogant and even insane....but in OUR case with this team, I think its ACCURATE. I would happily choose ANY Flyers fan to run this team over Fletcher.

So, I'm going to Winging it on Motown for the time being. Detroit has always been my 2nd favorite team and they at least seem to be trying to improve and have the wizardly Stevie Y at the helm. They have some great pieces in Larkin and Bertuzzi, Seider and Raymond are developing into stars and Nedeljkovic is a decent netminder.

I wish you all the best and have enjoyed my time on here. When things actually CHANGE, I will be back. I've been a Flyers fan since I was 2 yrs old (I'm 46) and am sorry its come to this....but I can just not take any more of this abuse.

Be well all of you. I hope I'm back again quickly....but I'm afraid it won't be anytime soon.

PS - I will probably lurk...just to keep up on the team and its performance and might even chime in here and there, but I'm going to try jumping totally behind another team for a season. I don't view this as quitting on Philly, just voting for Detroit with my dollars and eyeballs.

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